Uke Solomon : Rikudou En Sof

AI Engineer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Game Developer, AI Engineer, Keeper of PYMECH, Co-Founder Cardinal Technology Earth, IoT Engineer

I feel demoralized. I have been applying for any job I can find lately. The team I set up for cardinal technology are all crumbled. Since I finished school I have been I have stopped freelance work. I applied for the "Xamarin.Forms developer" role and made it to the technical test before failing. The afore-mentioned event also happened with the "Backend .net developer" job I applied for. I got the bad news today. Both emails are within 1 hour of each other. With depts weighing on me, I grow tired. I have many dreams and thoughts, but I lack funding and foundation. I know that there is currently no one reading this blog today, but I hope to look back on this post one day and remember how I feel. A feeling that a proclaimed author cannot put to words. This feeling of being Useless. It has come, and it shall pass. The question is How long. I already am not after hapiness in this life. I have a goal to solve one of humanity's major problem, and I am not even moving yet. I want to scream

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